Industrial heavy duty roller chain
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Heavy duty roller chains used in various industries to transfer high loads. The primary components of heavy duty chains include rollers, chain plates, pins, bushings. Heavy duty roller chains are typically used alloy steel or stainless steel, which can provide excellent strength and hardness. The difference between the heavy duty series and commons is their chain plate thickness.

These chains are commonly used in agricultural equipment, mining machinery, and large industrial equipment.

Agriculture: Roller chains are often used in agricultural equipment and related processing equipment. Some roller chains can be found in tractors, combines. The vast majority is served in large production lines. These chains play roles in conveying, lifting bulk materials.

Forestry: heavy duty roller chains are used to convey crude wood, usually those chains will be attached some components to help lift and transfer wood.

Mining: heavy duty roller chains in the mining industry, usually employed in excavators. These chains work in demanding conditions, transmit power efficiently.

Automotive: heavy duty roller chains are used in automobile production lines, these chains also can be used in motorcycle and car drives.

Industrial machinery: heavy duty roller chains are widely used in conveyors, elevators, silos, and other equipment need to transmit power and movement.

Heavy duty roller chains can be single row or multiple, the chain rows depend on the work conditions. Except chain plate thickness, people can customize other chain parts, like the pitch, roller, bushing, or attachments to meet their requirements. Materials depend on the working environment, stainless steel is suitable for wet or corrosive workshops to last service life. Also, roller chains will be processed with heat treatment, quenching, tempering, carburizing, carbonitriding, etc. These treatments can improve the hardness and eliminate stress.

Heavy duty roller chains instead of common standard roller chains, operate under different requirements, like high-speed applications, high-shock applications, high-temperature applications, and corrosive applications.

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