General maintenance and inspection of sugar mill chains
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Maintenance of sugar mill chains

(1) Precaution

Conveyor chains are usually pre-lubricated with lubricating oil before shipment. Don't remove this oil when installing.


(2) Guideline for Replacement

Chain elongation is mainly caused by wear between pin and bushing.

When chain elongation reached 1.5%.

When chain parts have some damage like crack, distortion, or irregular movement.

When pins have bending or warped, or distortion of link is found.

When substantial rust or improper flex of chain is found.


(3) Daily maintenance

Periodically remove part of chains, clean with Kerosene and apply fresh oil.

Remove powdered and foreign material as these cause wear of chain.

Washing metal surface is easy to get rust, apply oil lubricant quickly.




(1) Running Inspection

Check the chain make any abnormal sound (vibration, noise, etc.) when moves.

Check if the chain take up tension appropriate. (chain slack or tight ).

Check if there are any foreign bodies that impede the motion of the chain.


(2) Daily Inspection

Check if there is any abnormal vibration or noise.

Check any abnormalities in the chain components. (Particularly damage, deformation, uneven wear, flex, breakage, etc. of link plates and rollers).

Check the chains and sprockets mesh smoothly.

Check the surface of chains visibly corroded, dirty, etc.


(3) Regular Inspection

Carry out visual and measurement inspections as described above while the chain is running, at rest and removed.

Regular inspection should be tailored to the environment and conditions. Increase the frequency of inspection when conditions are harsh.

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