Conveyor Chains

Machinery serves social progress in every period. Conveyor chains as traditional components serve in all kinds of equipment, play the role of elevating, driving, conveying, operating, and so on. These chains provide wear resistance, tensile strength and can work long-term in most environments.

SHINING standard chains are made according to ANSI or DIN standard. For non-standard ones, drawings will be submitted for approval based on samples or provided drawings. Our QC inspect each shipment to ensure the strict conformation and high quality of the products.

SHINING has a diverse customer base in various industries like Automobile, Sugar, Cement, Palm oil, Water & Waste water, Lumber, Food, Steel Mill, etc. and by taking our products to market through some well-known chain producers, OEM accounts we remain connected intimately with our customers and strategic alliance partners in many countries around the world.

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