Causes of chain damage
 Aug 17, 2020|View:2761

Conveyors greatly improve efficiency and safety in factories, warehouses, marinas, and other public facilities, downtime of your conveyor system can be costly. Proper maintenance of your conveyor chain will increase investor's revenue.

The life of a conveyor chain is impacted by a number of factors, including:

1.The environment in which the chain operates (Extremes of temperature or exposure to corrosive substances may shorten the life of a conveyor chain.)

Minimize chain exposure to corrosive substances and extremes of temperature can also mitigate environmental impacts to the chain.

2. Long term wear 

One of the greatest enemies of conveyor chain life is wear. Chains almost constant motion in many facilities and the physical impact of metal on metal or metal on other surfaces causes the chain to damage over time.

Regular lubrication and other maintenance can effectively reduce wear and extend service life.

At the same time, our technicians will recommend the wear-resistant steel according to the working conditions, or heat treatment, high-frequency treatment, or surface coating on the chain to improve wear resistance.

3.Irregular tension on chains

Chains slack decreases efficiency. If there’s too much slack, the chains can pulsate, slowing down then speeding up like sections of a worm instead of running smoothly through the equipment. Loose chains are also prone to vibration-related damage.

The way you can do to extend the life of conveyor chains is to practice regular, preventative maintenance.

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