Conveyor chains for rubber gloves
 Oct 30, 2020|View:3215

Shining Industrial Holding CO,.LTD has a professional team in manufacturing conveyor chains for glove industry. We have our own design as well as technical team for our customers. We design according to their needs and specifications. Our former holder sets are also designed with features effective in producing more outputs and less output rejection in glove manufacturing. Therefore the productivity level of the glove manufacturing process can be enhanced. At the same time, our customers’ production costs can be saved. The parts go through strict QC inspections so that our customers always have high confidence in our products.

 Rubber glove chain.jpg

The conveyor line for Rubber Gloves is very long (can reach 1500 meters). The chains run through numerous ovens (over 180 ℃). It need to run smoothly, resist fatigue, and wear-resisting.


We are committed to producing high performance rubber glove chain, enhance the efficiency and stability of the production line of gloves, and strive to reduce the cost of the user.


Lubrication is very important for chains can increase the working life of chain at least double. It is very important to choose a suitable grease and lubrication way.


Our glove chain product line:


- Single Former Conveyor Chain

- Double Former Conveyor Chain

- Sprocket

- Shaft

- Coupling

- Former Holder


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