How to lubricate conveyor chains
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For people who work in industrial production, conveyor chains are commonly used as an important role in automation production. Under high temperature, the chains are easy to wear, corrosive, chain lengthening, make noise, oil dripping.


1. Chains frequent questions when running

(1) Without lubricating, which causes chains are working in a dry grinding environment, makes much noise.

(2) Pins have horrible wear, chain pitch deform.

(3) Chains are seriously corroded to influence the surface quality.

(4) When the early stage of operation, using ordinary oil, oil dripping seriously.


2. Requirements for lubricate oil

(1) The oil can firmly adsorbed on the chain plate surface, not be thrown off by the centrifugal force of chains.

(2) Well permeability, the oil can penetrate into each friction link, form a film to reduce wear and tear.

(3) Well anti-oxidative ability, when chains contact with air, reduce the oxidation speed.


3. How to lubricate the chains

(1) Manual regular lubrication: use an oil pot or brush to fill oil.

(2) Oil drip lubrication: use an oil cup or oil injector to drip oil at the gap of inner and outer chain plates, and control dropping 5 to 20 drops per minute.

(3) Oil bath lubrication: when chain running, the loose chains through oil pan, bring oil to other chain parts, the oil immersion depth is 6-12 mm.

(4) Splash lubrication: in an airtight environment, the oil is flung up with an oil slinger, and flows along the housing to the oil collection point, and then guides it onto chains.

(5) Pressure lubrication: when chains run at high speed, using the oil pump to spray oil to the meshing of the chains and sprockets.



4. Difference between chain lubrication and grease

Today’s high temperature lubricants not only have the high temperature resistance, but also lubrication and protection, are appearing in different industries and fields.

First is the adhesion, when the chain friction parts are stationary, the grease can maintain the original shape, will not drip by gravity. When chains are running, the friction parts are motion, the grease will not be affected by centrifugal force and leaks oil, but the adhesion of lubricating oil is worse than the grease.

In addition, the grease actual working temperature range is wider than the oil. Also, the grease can work at a low temperature. When the equipment structure is simple, we can choose to use grease, it can directly simplify the design, reduce the cost. The lubricating oil is usually used in a closed system, the equipment structure is complex, so the cost will be relatively high.

The difference between grease and lubricating oil, is the grease can be applied to the metal surface to form a film of protection, the thickness of the film will be thick. So it can help to isolate acids and alkalis gas, the lubricating oil’s protection will be poor.

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