Gears accuracy introduction
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Gears have 13 accuracy levels, arranged in the order of numbers 0~12 from low to high, with level 0 being the highest and level 12 being the lowest. Gear accuracy refers to a grade divided by the comprehensive error of the gear shape, which includes some important parameters such as tooth shape, tooth direction, and diameter jump.

1. Tooth shape: refers to the radial shape of the tooth.

2. Tooth direction: refers to the longitudinal shape of the tooth.

3. Tooth path jump: refers to the error of the distance between two adjacent teeth.

The gear precision is mainly to control the accuracy of the transmission between the gears during operation, such as the stability of the transmission, the fluctuation of the instantaneous speed, if there is an alternating reverse operation, whether the backlash of the tooth reaches the minimum, if there is an impact load, The accuracy should be improved slightly, so as to reduce the damage caused by the impact load to the gear.

The choice of gear accuracy grade should be determined according to the purpose of the drive, the conditions of use, the power of the drive, the peripheral speed, the performance index, or other technical requirements.

The difference in the processing technology used for gear products with different accuracy levels:

1. DIN6: quenching and tempering/tooth surface high-frequency quenching/tooth surface grinding/four-sided grinding

2. DIN8: quenching and tempering/tooth surface precision milling/four-sided precision milling

3. DIN10: quenching and tempering/high-frequency quenching of tooth surface/precision milling of tooth surface/four-sided precision milling

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