Five steps help you how to solve steel castings deformation!
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In the casting processes, every step is extremely important. If the technicians do not perform every step properly or do it improperly, it is likely to cause casting defects, such as porosity, shrinkage, blisters, etc. Therefore, we must not only grasp the quality of raw materials steel but also grasp every step of the casting processes.

In a production process of steel castings, if the whole or part of the product does not meet the requirements of the design, it is likely to cause product deformation.So what causes the product to deform? What is the solution after deformation?



1. The temperature difference between different cavities is relatively large, the cooling time is uneven, etc.

2. There is some mucosa on the casting product

3. Lack of precision when designing the casting process, which leads to uneven shrinkage

4. The design position of the mold is not very reasonable

5. The temperature of the mold heating is relatively high, but the hardness is not reached, and the preset cooling time is not enough.


In order to prevent cracks in casting products, we have specially sorted out these five improvement methods based on our own experience.

 1. When the mold temperature is relatively high, we can extend the cooling time, and slowly achieve the purpose of lowering the mold temperature

2. At the same time, we should control the temperature of the casting to ensure that the overall temperature in the cavity is consistent

3. When conditions permit, we can appropriately adjust the structure of the product, like increasing the thickness of the inner wall arc of the mold

4. Remove the mucous membrane on the outside of the casting

5. The position of the mold should be adjusted to ensure the balance of the top.

The production of steel castings is a very complicated process. Manufacturers should continue to innovate their own technology and casting process, and develop new materials. SHINING has always been extremely strict with its own requirements to improve every process and ensure product quality.

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