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The agricultural conveyor chains are designed for agricultural machinery, applied in rice, wheat, corn, cotton, etc. to provide drive and transport or conveying grain, realizing the mechanization of the whole process of agricultural production from plowing, sowing to harvesting. Common agricultural chains are agricultural transmission chains, agricultural drive chains, combine harvester chains, steel pintle chains, ANSI standard chains, Type S or Type C steel roller chains, O ring roller chains and other customized chains.

agricultural conveyor chain

Agricultural conveyor chains usually are made from carbon steel or stainless steel, which can withstand the demanding environment and heavy loads when operating. Those chains have different shapes and sizes, depending on the machinery application. Generally speaking, the core requirements for agricultural conveyor chains are wear resistance, impact resistance, long service life, and high fatigue performance.

There are several agricultural chains used in various applications, here are some of the most common types:

1. Standard roller chain: roller chains are widely used in agricultural machinery such as combines, harvesters, and grain conveyors, these chains are used to convey, lift materials. Usually, chain manufacturers choose high quality raw materials, efficient production equipment, advanced heat treatment to get products with high tensile strength, excellent wear resistance.

2. Drive chains: drive chains include standard roller chains, H series heavy duty roller chains and SP series high strength short pitch roller chains. Drive chains have better wear resistance than common chains. Drive chains can be found in rice machinery, harvesters, and rotary machinery.

3. Drag chain: drag chains are utilized in grain and feed handling systems to transfer materials, as well as some irrigation systems, these chains are designed to be durable and provide efficient conveying ability.

4. Leaf chains: due to special chain links connected, leaf chains in agricultural applications provide well load bearing, these chains appeared in harvesters and hay balers to counter large shocks.

5. O ring roller chains: inner and outer chain links are equipped with O sealing rings to prevent grease loss and impurities enter the gap of chain bushing and pins, suitable for working conditions with high frequency wear and cannot lubricated frequently.

6. Steel pintle chains: steel pintle chains are suitable for medium and low speed, heavy load equipment whose working environment is really terrible. By process optimization and advanced welding equipment, we get stable quality chains. The main chain types are: 662, 667X, 667XH and various attachments.

These chains are driven by sprockets, gears and shafts, which are typically connected to motor or engine. When sprockets rotate, their teeth engage with the chain links to move along the whole conveyor system. This operation helps to transfer agricultural products from one place to another, such as from a harvest to a trailer.

The features of agricultural conveyor chains vary depending on the detailed application or requirements. But there are still some regular features you can find in these chains:

Durability: these chains are designed to operate in wet conditions and withstand heavy loads, chains are always made from high quality materials like durable stainless steel or carbon steel to ensure long-lasting performance.

Corrosion resistance: due to the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, metal products are prone to corrosion when in long-term service. In order to cope with such working environment, manufacturers will choose high quality materials and use advanced heat treatment to avoid this situation.

Excellent strength: these chains are engineered to handle heavy loads without deformation, high tensile strength helps efficiently convey bulk agricultural products.

Customization options: in SHINING, we can meet your specific application requirements, customers can specify the chain materials, pitch, plate thickness, roller diameter, pin length, and attachments, etc. or you can send us your drawings.    

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