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Heavy duty chain is a type of chain specifically designed for bulk material heavy load conveying systems, which are commonly serviced in the mining industry, cement industry, steel mills, agriculture, machinery equipment and construction. These chains are durable, usually made from high strength materials, so they can withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions.


According to the chain applications and requirements of customers, chain manufacturers can design various types and sizes, they may be roller chains, silent chains, welded chains, forged chains, with feature specialized attachments or components. Also customers can specify the chain materials, processes, treatment, etc.


Why do people choose heavy duty conveyor chains?

First, excellent load capacity, due to the designed structures, processing and materials, heavy duty conveyor chains can carry large volumes of objects for long distance transport.

Well durability, under the heavy load and continuous operation, specified materials and processing provide high strength and wear resistance.

Better corrosion resistance, heavy duty chains are widely used in tough environments, like mines, steel mills, large production lines, etc. These chains may suffer from sand, oil, acid or alkali, usually heavy duty conveyor chains need better corrosion resistance.


Heavy duty chains play an important role in conveying systems, they are mainly used in industrial settings when heavy loads or harsh operating conditions are present.

When heavy duty chains are used in mining industries, those chains have large sizes and thicker chain plates to transport large quantities of coal, ore, and gravel. Due to the harsh working environment, customers usually require better wear resistance.

In the construction areas, heavy duty chains are used to move heavy building materials like asphalt, bricks, concrete, and steel structures. We can also call these chains engineering chains. These chains may run in tough operation conditions with sand, dirt, grease or oil, but still get the job well done with excellent durability and wear resistance. So engineering chains will be a good choice for heavy duty equipment.

We can see heavy duty chains working in the agricultural equipment and silos, these chains can be used to transport crops, grain, feed and other materials. For example, when chains working in the process of sugarcane bagasse transportation, the chains need high strength, corrosion resistance, durability, so they can run in the production line day and night.

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In SHINING, we spend much manpower and time on customized heavy duty conveyor chains, especially for the cement industry, steel mills and construction machinery. SHINING is committed to providing high quality and durable transmission parts for clients.

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