Heavy duty lifting chain
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The most common lifting chains are known as link chains, used for vertical lifting or hoisting heavy loads in industrial applications. These chains have a simple structure and high strength, every single link forms a continuous chain assembly, providing effective and economical service system.

Lifting chains can be made of various materials, alloy steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, and carbon steel. Considering the working environment, for heavy loads, manufacturers will choose alloy steel.

Lifting chains are wildly used in industrial lifting applications, due to their durable and safe structure and provide efficient transportation. Here are some common uses of lifting chains:

Mining: in the mining industry, lifting chains are used for hoisting bulk ore like coal, iron, rock, etc. These chains can be found in heavy duty equipment, conveyors and vehicles during mining activities.

Marine: these chains applied in the ship and shipbuilding, play an important role in daily operations. People use these chains to lift large numbers of fish, heavy tonnage components or equipment, and fixed vessels.

Construction: heavy duty lifting chains are commonly served in aerial work platforms to hoist and move building materials, for example, cement, steel beams, brick, and construction machinery.

Industrial manufacturing: chains are used to lift and hoist materials, components, etc.

Car washing: link chains in the car washing industry, providing durability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. These chains work under the ground providing a horizontal force to move cars into the washing platform.

How to manufacture lifting chains? First, cutting the round steel, keep the diameter, length, surface roughness and flatness consistent. SHINING chooses high quality raw materials, all specifications follow relevant regulations. Secondly, bend the steel into a ring, and ensure the pitch, outer width, interface clearance, etc. Then, welding chain links, avoiding cracks, glitches and scratches. After welding, the whole chains need to be pre-stretched and transferred to heat treatment. Engineers will test the chain elongation and breaking load after secondary stretch. Workers will polish and paint the qualified products to extend the service life.

SHINING regular link chains are mainly used in the car washing industry, mining industry, construction machinery. Our most popular product is the G80 link chain, customized also can be achieved in SHINING. For more details or get a quote, please contact us. 

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