SHINING elevator bucket chain
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The bucket elevator chains consist of a series of conveyor chains and attached some “buckets”, this assembly is suitable for continuous lifting of powdery, granular, can be found in some industries like, cement, mining, sugar refining, grain conveying, and other bulk material handling systems. Bucket elevators have simple structure, small footprint, high lifting degree, stable operation, high efficiency and long service life.


The common chains that used in elevators are straight side plate chains and link chains, the link chain with buckets will be more simple than the others, but their own weight will be large, need more power to operate, also make loud voice. The straight side plate chains have high strength and well wear resistance, which will be more suitable for heavy loading and fast speed situations.


Materials for elevator chains usually are alloy steel, stainless steel or casting steel, clients will specify the materials according to the work environment and conditions. No matter which materials the clients choose, the chains need to withstand continuous heavy loading operations. Bucket materials will have more choices, customers can choose carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.


These elevator chains can be equipped with different attachments and bucket shapes to suit the conveyed materials' weight and volume. 


Elevator bucket chains in the agricultural industry, are usually used in harvest equipment, feed mills, grain handling, seed processing plants. They are used to elevate or transport these materials during processing, storage and transportation.


When elevator bucket chains working in the mining and minerals, they are employed to convey coal, iron ore, copper ore, stone, and more. Usually the chain materials need to have better wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


From mining, production and construction, elevator chains play a vital role in materials conveying, like clinker, sand, cement, gravel, etc. We can find elevator chains in cement plants and construction equipment.


Elevator bucket chains find applications in other industrial conditions, including steel mills, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, food processing, and other occasions where materials need to be transported.


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