When will customers choose stainless steel chains?
 Apr 26, 2023|View:1043

stainless steel chains

When we talk about stainless steel chains, the first thing that comes to mind is the shining appearance, well corrosion resistance and then we will think why choose this material. For conveyor chain manufacturing, carbon steel, alloy steel is mainly used for processing, stainless steel will be more expensive than the others. Today, I’d like to introduce you our stainless steel chains.


The commonly used stainless steels are SS304 and SS316, the most important difference between the two is SS316 has the chemical composition Mo. And generally recognized, SS316 has better corrosion resistance in high temperatures. So when the workpiece services in high temperatures, manufacturers will choose SS316 as chain parts.


Where can we find stainless steel chains? Due to their durability, strength, well corrosion, and safety, stainless steel chains are used in a wide range of industries as follows:


1. Marine and ship industry: stainless steel chains are often used in marine industry for applications such as anchor chains, mooring chains, and lifting chains. Their well corrosion resistance against seawater and harsh outdoor environments, makes these chains become the ideal material for marine applications.

2. Food and drink processing industry: when stainless steel chains applying in food processing due to their stable chemical properties and hygienic properties, these chains will not rust or react with food or other chemicals. Conveying systems, packaging equipment, and other food processing machinery commonly use stainless steel chains.

3. Sewage treatment industry: Stable chemical properties and well corrosion resistance make stainless steel conveyor chains become the main force in sewage plants. Due to conveyor chains needing to run in the waste water day by day, a longer service life is necessary and economical.

4. Industrial and manufacturing industry: stainless steel chains are used in various industrial and manufacturing processes, like conveying systems, bulk material handling equipment, due to their strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.


In SHINING stainless steel chain product lines, our featured products are stainless steel roller chains, stainless steel sugar mill chains, sewage treatment chains, stainless steel welded chains and stainless steel link chains. Also stainless steel chain parts like pins, bushings and rollers can be customized. For a longer service life, stainless steel chains can be your better choice.

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