Why sugar mill chain is the most popular product in SHINING?
 Sep 14, 2023|View:780

In a sugar refinery, conveyor chains participate in the whole process of production. Here SHINING will introduce our sugar mill chains from different aspects.


Sugar mill chain’s design according to the manufacturing process, functions, and environment. In different processing links, chain manufacturers will design chain structures, attachments to suit occasions of use. Different attachments help to convey sugar products smoothly and efficiently. When the sugarcane processing starts, it will keep running for over half a year until the maintenance period. All these sugar mill chains are constructed from high strength materials, especially while shredder and milling, Sugarcane juice will corrode chain parts, manufactures consider this situation, so stainless steel is applied in this condition. Most of the sugar chains are made from alloy steel to withstand the harsh and complicated environment.

Conveyor chains in a sugar refinery, are used to convey sugarcane from various processing workshops, moving the sugarcane from one machine to another, when sugarcane through cleaning, tearing, grinding, extruding, and becoming bagasse. According to different functions, there will be many kinds of chains, like welded chains, pintle chains, forged chains, roller chains, bushing chains, elevator bucket chains, etc.

Sugar mill chain maintenance includes daily and annual, daily maintenance content are: lubrication, cleaning, and inspection. The annual maintenance usually starts before extracting season, sugarcane extracting will last 6-8 months. During the annual maintenance, sugar factory will replace sugar conveyor chains and other transmission parts. After that, these chains will keep running during the whole extraction, so it is necessary to ensure chain quality.

SHINING also provides sprockets that can drive sugar chains, these sprockets are commonly made from high quality steel and designed to match chain pitch. SHINING sprockets mainly serve in the sugar industry, cement industry, mining industry and construction industry. SHINING’s strength is large pitch engineering chain and sprocket.

SHINING has been in this feed for decades, we provide design, products and services. Sugar mill chains become a stepping stone for SHINING to open the global chain market. We will still maintain high quality and high level production to create huge value for customers.

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