SHINING Steel Pintle Chain
 Apr 13, 2023|View:1144

What is steel pintle chain? It is one of the earliest chain forms in use for over 100 years. As the name suggests, this type of chain only consists of chain link and steel pintle. These chain links are connected with steel pintles which are essentially small pins or rods, and there are no inner, outer chain plates, bushings, and rollers.

 Steel Pintle Chain

Steel pintle chains are commonly used in a variety of heavy load industrial applications, including agricultural machinery, lumber mills, automotive production lines, etc.

Agricultural machinery: steel pintle chains are used in harvest, balers, planters, manure spreaders, hay elevators, feeding machines, and fertilizer spreaders to convey crops and other materials.

 Lumber mills: steel pintle chains are used in sawmills and other wood processing facilities to move logs, lumber, and other wood products through the production process.

 Automotive production lines: in the automotive industry, these chains are used to move car frames and other components along the production lines.

Wastewater treatment: steel pintle chains can be used in wastewater collectors and drive systems. 400-Class and 700-Class are the main types used in municipal applications. Also, the chain is made of stainless steel.

Other heavy load machinery: steel pintle chains also service in heavy equipment such as mining machinery, construction equipment and industrial manufacturing machines.

 With simple structure, steel pintle chains are preferred over other common conveyor chains due to their high strength, durability, and well corrosion resistance in harsh environments. SHINING can provide different classes of pintle chains from 400-Class to 900-Class. And clients also can customize chain specifications and post-processing to fit applications.

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