How to ensure the precision of the engineering steel chain
 Apr 07, 2022|View:280

Engineering steel chain (chain transmission) is one of the most commonly used mechanical transmissions. It is designed to produce relatively high power output and relatively low operating speed. The main features of the chain transmission are: low requirements of manufacturing and installation accuracy; simple transmission structure; the instantaneous chain speed and instantaneous transmission ratio are not constant, and poor transmission stability.

engineering steel chain

Chains are made of inner plate, outside plate, pin, bush, and roller. The quality depends on bush and pin. The machining accuracy of the chain depends on the cutting of the CNC machine.

The factors that affect the precision of engineering steel chains are:

1. the end mill shape and installation precision

2. machining deviation

3. deformation of the material

4. wear of the end mill

How to ensure the accuracy of chain transmission? 

1. improve the precision of chains

2. reduce the number of the transmission parts to reduce the deviation 

3. use a deviation calibration device

The Engineering steel chain is made of high-quality stainless steel. As one of our common power transmission products, it has obvious advantages over belt transmission, the utility model has the advantages of high precision, fast operation speed, and good performance.

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