Lubrication forms of chains
 Apr 19, 2022|View:241

The chain lubrication forms vary depending on the way how the chain is used. Most chains use drip and oil bath lubrication, also some of them choose oil spray and oil rope lubrication.

1. Drip lubrication is generally used in fast, long-distance conveying systems. Like baking equipment, textile equipment, etc. This lubrication has well lubrication performance, less waste, and no restrictions, but poor uniformity.

2. Most high-speed chains use oil injection lubrication. These lubrication characteristics are well lubrication performance, good uniformity, limited usage, but large oil waste.

3. Oil bath lubrication is generally used in closed conveying systems, such as drilling equipment in oil fields. It is the simplest form, when the chains are at rest, the bath should come to a level just below the centre of the bottom, on rotation, the oil is drawn up by chain parts, run through the chains, and return to the bath. It should be the most ideal lubrication form.

4. There are other lubrication forms, especially for some short chains, which are drawn manually. It is one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive lubrication forms.

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