stainless steel conveyor chain
 Mar 31, 2022|View:1875

stainless steel conveyor chain is the most commonly used environmentally resistant chain for the industries: food, medicine, and chemicals. 

Short pitch precision stainless steel industrial roller chain.jpg

stainless steel conveyor chain is suitable for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, plates, and other pieces of goods, bulk materials, small items or irregular items that need to be placed on the tray or over the box for conveying. It can transport single heavy material or bear large impact load. 

Stainless steel chains have an attractive appearance surface, well corrosion resistance in an acidic or alkaline environment, and can operate at higher or lower temperatures.

Stainless steel chain, which is mainly used to transmit power. Therefore, it is considered a common power transmission device. In addition, the design of the hyperbolic arc can reduce the friction force, and can be used in occasions where the required power is relatively large and the running speed is not high. Moreover, because of its corrosion resistance, it can also be used in some special environments, like waste water treatment.

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