Factors affecting the quality of engineering steel chain
 Mar 24, 2022|View:287

Engineering steel chain is a widely used transmission equipment in engineering. In general, the quality of transmission chain is affected by the following factors:

engineering steel chain

1. Engineering steel chain standard size and weight: the chain should be fully immersed in the zinc solution at one time to reach the uniform structure of the galvanized film. If it is too long or too wide, it should be dipped twice, the junction of the zinc layer will appear rough, too thick and so on. Others, such as the single weight of the chain is too heavy, how much the transmission chain, more than galvanizing equipment load, will make its operation difficult;

2. The combination of dissimilar metals: for example, engineering steel chain is composed of iron and copper, tin, lead and other non-ferrous metals. As well as the combination of old and new chains, in the pickling operation, the new material easy pickling excessive;

3. Engineering steel chain pollution: such as paint pollution, special grease pollution, in the general alkaline degreasing solution is not easy to remove, at this time it is necessary to use a special solvent eradication or incineration, sandblasting, etc. , transportation chain where good, so that the cost increase and difficult operation. In addition, the elimination of welding slag such as welding contact is also appropriate and important.

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