What is steel mill chain?
 Apr 04, 2023|View:646

Steel mill chain is a type of industrial chain serviced in the steel mill manufacturing process which is used to carry heavy load H beam, pipe, sheet, coil and flat. This type of chain is specially made to work under tough and demanding conditions such as heat, dust, water environment.

steel mill chain

Harsh environment in steel mills, noise, dust and high temperature all the time these impact the chain service life. When chains running in this case, chain manufacturers will meet more trouble. How to extend the life and enhance chain strength will be the biggest problem.

The common steel mill chains are welded chains and roller chains. Welded chains are widely used in material handling industry. Welded chains have durable chain parts, available with customized attachment and hard facing. Optional induction hardened and heat treatment is available, which brings higher strength and wear resistance. Narrow or wide series welded chains can be found in the workshop.

In the steel manufacturing process, roller chains play multiple roles in conveying systems, furnace operations, and rolling mills. These chains have highly efficient energy transmission, ensuring a low energy loss during operation.

Both welded chains and roller chains are made from high strength alloy which is heat treated for maximum durability and wear resistance. They are also designed with specific features, such as large pitch and extended pins, to handle the heavy loads and high temperatures of the steel making process.

SHINING has accumulated manufacturing experience in decades of production, we are committed to processing high quality and high strength steel mill chains. No matter whether standards or customized chains can be found in SHINING, drawings will be appreciated.

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