• Split hub sprocket
  • Split hub sprocket
  • Split hub sprocket

Split sprockets are simple and easy to assemble in limited working space. Our split sprockets can be assembled without having to dismount the shaft assembly.

All the sprockets are profile cut and machined as one whole sprocket before being split to ensure a perfect match. Our sprockets can be fabricated to suit your individual requirements. Tooth count & profiles, bosses, bores, taper locks, keyways & set screws for both drive & idler sprockets.

Sprockets usually work with chains, or shafts in combination to move conveyors and other industrial machinery. Sprockets have a series of teeth around central bore, designed keyway and screws to fit a specific shaft size.

Industrial sprockets play an important role in machinery running, the performance of a conveyor depends on sprocket-chain interaction. Choosing the right sprocket is as important as choosing chains. SHINING can offer a wide selection of sprockets, our sprockets meet ANSI standards, have well wear resistance and long service life. Standard or customized can be found in SHINING, we can provide:

Cast sprockets (grey iron, hardened teeth or deep chilled rim)

Steel sprockets (flame cut or precision machined with through hardened or induction or induction hardened teeth)

Solid sprockets available as “A” plates or with “B” or “C” hub with finished bore key and 1 or 2 setscrews

Split or replaceable tooth sprockets are available for easy installation


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