Car wash welded link chain
 Oct 26, 2022|View:1222

Welded link chains have various purposes, such as holding, pulling, hoisting, conveying, and transmitting power in engineering, industrial, agricultural and marine applications.

chain process

SHINING G80 chains feature both high tensile strength and resistance to wear needed by modern hauling and heavy-duty lifting and construction firms. All our chains are made by full automatic chain making machines, which results in clean welds for chain links. These chains have the Grade 80 quenched and tempered are made of 20Mn. With heat treatment, it guarantees a stable quality and makes sure that the durable chains reach the required breaking strengths. Chain links are black painted and black oxidized, all our chains will be tested before assembly before painting. This result in a very smooth, durable surface of every single link.

When manufacturing, we can supply any color or mark as per customer request. If you require any additional markings or special colors, please let us know and we will process your order accordingly. The G80 chains are packed in wooden boxes as standard.

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