The differences between the chain transmission and gear transmission
 Aug 02, 2022|View:1462

Gear transmission is the most widely used form of mechanical transmission. Its transmission is relatively accurate, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation and long service life.

chain transmission

The advantages of gear transmission are that: The instantaneous transmission ratio is constant and the stability is high, the structure is stable and reliable, the noise is low, the transmission power is large and the efficiency is high. The transmitted speed range is large, which can realize a large transmission ratio, compact structure and long service life.

The shortcomings of gear transmission are that: The usage environment has high requirements, and the lubrication conditions should be better. It is not suitable for the transmission between two shafts with a lot of dust and a long distance. The manufacturing and installation accuracy is high.

Chain transmission is that chain drive is a transmission method that transmits the motion and power of a driving sprocket to a driven sprocket through a chain.

chain transmission

The advantages of chain transmission are that: The requirements for the application environment are generally not very high. It can be used in high temperature, heavy load, low speed, dusty environments and is suitable for motion between two distant axes. It can ensure an accurate transmission ratio, the transmission power is large, the force acting on the shaft is small, and the efficiency is high.

The shortcomings of chain transmission are that: The installation and maintenance requirements of the chain are high. After the hinge of the chain is worn, the pitch becomes larger and the disjoint is caused.

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