What are the benefits of welded link chain?
 Feb 25, 2022|View:1924

The welding link chain with welding pin and bushing has high impact load durability and tensile strength, 30% higher than ISO standard welded link chain commonly available on the market. Using a welding chain with a welding pin and bushing can also reduce the selected chain size. For example, the FV250A160 can be replaced with the FV180A160, which is 40% lighter and takes up much less space.

welding link chain

All materials used in the welding link chain have been specially selected for their weld ability. We also had a lot of help from Scandinavian steel producers and welding researchers at lappeenranta University. By selecting the right materials and using an automatic welding machine, we are able to ensure high quality, reliable and consistent results to produce welded link chain with significantly longer wear life.Automatic welders mean that we strictly control the welding process, welding temperature and energy use.

Each size and type of welding link chain has its own pre-loaded welding parameters to minimize the possibility of human error. Highly developed welding techniques keep the heat affected zone low, resulting in a finished welding chain that will stand the test of time. In addition to the welding techniques used, we carefully protect the ends of the pins and bushings from hardening, which in turn improves the weldability of our welded link chain, welding chain pins and welding chain bushings.

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