The structure of the metric roller chain
 Apr 22, 2022|View:1572

Now in industrial production will be a lot of mechanical equipment will need to use the industrial chain, the rational use of the industrial chain can better ensure our production efficiency and quality. Many consumers still don't know what the structure of the metric roller chain looks like. Now, let's talk about the structure of the metric roller chain.

metric roller chain

The metric roller chain is a chain used to transport mechanical power, a type of chain drive that is widely used in families, industries, and agricultural machinery, these include conveyors, plotters, printers, automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. It is joined by a series of short cylindrical metric roller chains, driven by a gear called a sprocket. This is a simple, reliable, and efficient power transmission device.

Structure of metric roller chain: it consists of an inner chain plate, outer chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve, and roller. The inner chain plate and the sleeve, the outer chain plate, and the pin shaft are interference fit. In this way, the outer chain plate and the pin form an outer link, and the inner chain plate, and the sleeve form an inner link; The sleeve can rotate freely around the pin shaft when the inner and outer chain segments are relatively curved. When the chain and sprocket meshing, the loop in the sleeve roller along the sprocket tooth profile rolling, can reduce the chain and sprocket tooth wear.

The metric roller chain is a very common industrial chain. Different mechanical equipment used in the industrial chain is not the same, we can choose and buy in accordance with their own needs in the industrial chain.

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